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Why Join? - Testimonials

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"I called & spoke with Tyler concerning a hold on our internet while we were out of the area. Then when we left a message that we had returned to the area and to turn our service back on. In fact I think you did turn it back on that very day -- We thank you for that service. Thank you again for your kind service. It's a pleasure to call your office. Much more so than Adelphia Cable."
– Patricia U., Coral
“Very good and very helpful. Keep to good work. Really enjoy this internet. Keep up the good work.”
– The Myers, Clymer
“Everyone who works at yourinter.net has been wonderful to me, on the phone or coming to my place. I don't what I would do without this crew because you are a blessing to me. Keep up the good work. All of you are number 1 in my book. Bless you all.”
– Doris, Homer City
“This is the best internet service I have had. Thank You.”
– Melissa L., Indiana
“The guy’s are so helpful, even to someone who is not really in to the computer. Thanks Guys!”
– Judy G., Marion Center
"I just wanted to take a moment and thank YourInter.Net for the great service internet you provide. We switched ISPs a few months ago and I am very pleased that we did. You have been consistently reliable and I appreciate it. Thanks and have a good day."
- Deborah B., Indiana

“I am completely satisfied”
– Paula S., Commodore
“Thank you for coming to my home to reinstall my program for internet. I had to replace my hard drive, and it helped to have someone take care of getting me e-mail back so soon”
– Deanna L., Clymer
“No Problems! We love the service – thanks”
–Heidi G., Indiana
“When I run into trouble a technician always helps me.”
– Joyl H., Starford
“They were very helpful when I called to stop service for a month or so because my computer was broken. A technician did it because the financial person wasn’t available. This was extremely helpful to me since I sleep mostly during the day and work at nights!”
–Elaine L., Clymer
“My experience with this service is the reason I just paid for another year.”
–Gerry S., Homer City
“I have used your service for more than four years now, and I have had absolutely no problems”
–Laurie W., Homer City
“The technician you sent out here was knowledgeable and very nice.”
- Karla B., Creekside
“I wanted to thank Eric for his help. He provided me in my connection problem. Everything seems to be doing great now, thanks again.”
- David K., Brush Valley
“Tech support is very good. The folks are friendly and knowledgeable.”
- Debbie K., Homer City
“Every time I have called with a question I was treated very nicely and satisfied with the results.”
- Lori L., Creekside
“We are pleased with our arrangement. Startup and startup support with Brian was excellent.”
- Tim B., Indiana
“I stay with yourinter.net because when I’ve had trouble I’ve called and the people have always helped me straighten things up. Thank You”
– James T., Indiana.
“Service works great. Thanks for caring enough to call.”
- Cindy U., Indiana
“I had a moment of insanity and signed up for one of your competitors because they were cheaper. What a mistake!! Its true you get what you pay for. After just a month I cancelled them and was very happy I hadn’t cancelled you.”
- Carol
“The Service is great. Everything is working wonderfully.”
- Shawn C., Indiana
“I have no idea how you fixed my problem, but thanks for your knowledge and help. I know that I don’t have to get frustrated with the system. I have help. Once again, thanks.”
– Joan C., Indiana
“After receiving some problems concerning my modem, I contacted yourinter.net services in Indiana County. Along with the altruistic view of the staff, I was given unparalleled service and had the problem solved in no time at all. I would like to thank all who assisted with my deepest regards to the company and staff.”
-Joshua G., Indiana
“Works wonderfully since the fix.”
- Tom H., Lucerne Mines
“Very satisfied!”
– Lisa W., Marion Center
“Just wanted to say keep up the good work!! You are the best internet company around… always informing us (the subscribers) of any new changes, and your support staff does it best to always help us out with any questions or problems. Kudos again and special thanks to Ben!!”
– Denice L.
“Thank you for your patience during my time of crisis.  You have a great service and we enjoy it a lot! Have a good day!”
– Susie L., Home
“Never had to redial yet. Tech support is wonderful and helped with everything.”
– Nancy M., Blairsville
“Thank you so much for providing excellent service and timely service. You have the best people serving and providing technical help.”
– Mahendra M., Indiana
“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your service.  I’ve been dealing with yourinter.net Service almost since its beginning. Your employees have helped me on many occasions. They are always friendly when I call and most generally they can walk me through any problem over the phone. Again, thanks so much for the fine service you and your people have provided though the years.”
– Frank R. Indiana
“I am very pleased with your services and also the employees are very nice and helpful whenever I call.”
– Linda S.

Do you have a testimonial you'd like to add to this page? Tell us by using our feedback form!





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